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ABC For Adoption is a small agency with our main office located in Bannockburn, Illinois.  ABC For Adoption is a private, not for profit adoption agency licensed in Illinois since 2003.  Our staff members have had adoption expertise for many years and are highly competent in the adoption field.  All staff members have had extensive training and backgrounds in the adoption field.  All adoption agencies are required to be licensed by the state and are required to follow specific rules and procedures as outlined by the Department of Children and Family Services.  We have a volunteer Board of Directors with highly specialized areas of expertise in business management, childhood special education , legal and accounting skills.

We offer individualized, personalized adoptions services to Biological Parents as well as to our Adoptive Parents.  We recognize that each situation is different and that each adoption evolves in it's own unique way.  We offer a full range of personalized services to out clients maintaining flexibility and offering services tailored to the individual client through our agency.  We understand that the clients we service make decisions for themselves, we do not manage other people's live, rather we give information and options, make our clients aware of their rights and responsibilities so they can process in the adoption process with the correct choices for their lives.
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If you choose adoption, you will be able to fulfill your goals for life while knowing that your baby is being cared for and loved. This decision is yours and probably the most serious choice of your life. Take your time and do what you think is right without letting others rush you into any decision.
 Our Agency
We are a private agency with no support from the State, Government or any Religious group. ABC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. They are a diverse group of individuals who maintain a primary focus of the needs of children placed through ABC, without regard to race, religion or special medical or psychological needs. ABC is not an "adoptive-parent agency" or a "birth-parent agency", ABC is licensed as a "Child Welfare Agency."
 Our Values
ABC For Adoption has a mission to insure permanent homes with loving adoptive families for children placed in our care.  The interests and welfare of the children placed in our care, regardless of the child's race, economic status or special medical needs are first and foremost with ABC For Adoption.
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