Why ABC for Adoption?

At ABC for Adoption, we understand that adoption can be a long and difficult process. We are here to make adoption run as smoothly for not only the birth parents, but also the adoptive couples. Currently, there are thousands of couples, nationwide, waiting and hoping to adopt a child. With ABC we work hard to facilitate successful placements for our adoptive couples.

What is the Adoption Process?

Adoptive couples when they make the decision to grow their family through adoption come to ABC to proceed with the licensing of their home. This is accomplished by a series of steps that are needed in order to insure that the home is a safe environment and that the couple is a suitable provider for a potential placement of a child. They need to be fingerprinted both through the State and the FBI. They need to have training, medical exams, provide verification of marriage, birth, education, financial stability, and of course need to have a trained social worker to in depth interviews of both the husband and wife to conduct a home study. When all is cleared and the determination is made that the couple are suitable candidates for adoption the home is licensed through the State.

Adoptive couples licensed through ABCare carefully prepared and screened for the adoption process. Adoption is not an easy path for the adoptive couple. They are prepared for the rough spots and are encouraged to keep trying even when failure is encountered. They are instructed on how to best prepare the Life Book or photo album of their lives together, home, family, friends, and pet to attract the eye of a biological parent. They are encouraged to write a sincere and heartfelt letter of introduction along with the book so that they can be attractive to a potential birth mother. When selected adoptive couples are introduced to the biological parent(s) so that there is bonding and communication established between the two parties. This is a very important step in the adoption process as it is at that juncture that the final outcome of the adoption is usually determined. It is here that a comfort level is achieved, an understanding of how the child will be reared and what type of characters the adoptive couple portray. The biological parent sees that there will be stability, love and total devotion to the child by the adoptive couple. The adoptive couple makes promises of contact, pictures and updates on the child to the biological parents that are expected to be upheld. Open adoption is an option if that is desired by both parties. Some biological mothers for reasons that they alone know do not wish to have interaction for both parties, however we honor the wishes of the biological parent. The adoptive couple sends letters and pictures to the agency and these are kept in the file of the birthmother in case she wishes to have them in the future.