Birth Mothers


You probably have heard many stories about your right to choose what the best possible solution to a pregnancy is; you still need to know about the choice that you are going to make for your baby. Here we give you the facts about choices and the possible solutions for you. 

When you find out that you are pregnant, everyone has advice for you. While most of it is meant well, sometimes it is uninformed. Much of it is said through emotion and not really meant. Some is said to manipulate you into doing what is best for other members of the family, not necessarily what is best for you. Remember, for your family and your friends this may be a temporary issue; for you it is a long-term, life-long, and life-changing situation.

ABC For Adoption

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We will help you make the right choice for both you and your child.


Many women think that they could never carry a baby for nine months and then give the baby up for adoption; for another family to raise their baby. Adoptive couples have no other way to build a family except for the special and selfless sacrifice that a birth-mother and birth-father make in allowing them to adopt and care for their special child.

Adoptive couples licensed through ABC For Adoption Nfp. are carefully screened and prepared for the adoption process.  They are more than willing to meet with and interact with the birth-parents.  There are open and semi-open adoptions.  These make it so that the birth-mother can have pictures and information on the baby; birth moms know how that baby is progressing and about it’s development and growth.  There is great peace of mind knowing that your child is growing up in a loving home and that all of his or her needs are being met.
Adoptive couples have a strong desire to parent a child that they can call their own.  They have had to meet rigorous standards that are set forth by the state; they are ready and able to emotionally, lovingly, and financially care for your baby through adulthood.


If you choose adoption, you will be able to fulfill your goals for life while knowing that your baby is being cared for and loved.  This decision is yours and probably the most serious choice of your life. Take your time and do what you think is right without letting others rush you into any decision.
There are thousands of couples nationwide waiting and hoping for a child to adopt. Because we value our biological parent we successfully help them make the correct decisions in placing with adoptive couples.
If you would like to know more about adoption and are prepared to meet the family who is longing to adopt your baby (or choose to remain anonymous, if you’d like), please call the toll-free number 1-888-44-ADOPT.  We are easy to talk to and will explain and answer all questions that you might have.  We can help with your expenses and prepare you for the adoption experience.  Everything is strictly confidential.
    ABC For Adoption is an Illinois-based adoption agency.  Our staff has been helping birth-parents find loving, stable licensed couples to adopt their babies since 1994.  We are here to help you through this difficult time without cost to you.  We can help you with your financial burdens in the areas of: 
medical expenses, housing, groceries, utilities, and maternity clothing.


At ABC for Adoption, we are proud to offer both emotional and financial support. We offer comprehensive counseling to birth parents. Our dedicated and well trained staff explores the issues of grief, guilt, and anguish that often accompany the giving up of a child for adoption. We assist in helping to understand that adoption is a commitment made very seriously and not lightly. We help biological parents understand the ramifications of giving up a child for adoption; the impact on the life of the biological parent as well as that of the rest of the family members. We assist biological parents financially in the areas of rent, groceries, utilities, clothing, some medical expenses as well as some child care expenses; each case is reviewed and adjustments are made to help in the best possible way.

If you have come to a place where you are ready to become Adoptive Parents we are here for you to help you and work with you and make sure that are well guided through this sometimes frustrating and sometimes wonderful journey.

If you are a Biological Mother and are ready to explore the arena of giving up your baby for adoption, we are here for you. We will work with you to make your decision as informed and as comprehensive as possible. We will make sure that you are taken care of in all the steps through the adoption journey.

Our staff members have extensive training and backgrounds to help you through every step of the process. With years of experience in the adoption field we are here to provide you with information and options so that you can make an informed decision.

To learn more about how we can help you through the adoption process, visit our website at or call the toll free number 1-888-44ADOPT (888-442-3678). We are Local; we are easy to Talk to, we Listen and we Answer and Explain all Questions you might have Confidentially and Honestly.