Home study services include helping families obtain their Adopt Only Home License, which is required by the State of Illinois. The term Foster Family Home License or Adopt Only Home License are mandated by the same set of rules from the Department of Children and Family Services. There are prescribed forms to fill out, fingerprinting is mandatory, references are collected and supportive documentation is requested. The home study itself is completed with visits to the potential adoptive parents’ home where they are interviewed both individually and together. The home is assessed on meeting the standards which are set forth by DCFS.

For Illinois residents, ABC provides home study services to couples and individuals who are working with other adoption resources and who require a local Illinois licensed agency to assist them with obtaining clearances from either the Interstate Compact Office on the Placement of Children or the Inter-County Adoption unit of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Home Studies through ABC are INS compatible and are readily, accepted by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization.

ABC For Adoption provides adoption services to families who reside outside of Illinois and who are interested in pursuing an adoption in Illinois with the assistance of ABC. Such families are required to obtain a home study from a local licensed agency and will need to receive the approval of the Interstate Compact Office on the Placement of Children prior to returning home with their new child. ABC cannot work with couples who do not have a valid licensed home within their state of residence.