Special Needs adoption

Adopting a Child with Special Needs

Are you thinking about adopting a child with special needs?  Adopting a child with special needs isn’t without challenge, it takes commitment, skills, and patience. If you are, you will want to set up an appointment to talk with an experienced physician. An experienced physician can educate you and your family about the specific condition…

ABC for Adoption Holidays

Holidays for Newly Adopted Children

With the holidays coming up, there is a lot of excitement, love, happiness, traveling, and visitors. This can be an overwhelming season for your newly adopted child. You can still make travel arrangements or guest accommodations and continue your traditions, while making sure your child is feeling safe and included. Understand Understanding their physical and…


Handling the Stress of Adoption

Whether you have chosen adoption because of infertility, altruism, a desire to be a single parent, or another reason, most future adoptive families have something in common – high levels of stress and anxiety. The adoption process can be draining – physically, emotionally, and financially. Although the end result is exactly what you’ve been wishing…


Eight Ways to Prepare for Your Home Visit

Adoption can be a very stressful process. Often adoptive parents feel the need to be perfect and fear their every move is being looked at under a microscope. A home study is part of the adoption procedure that many prospective adoptees face with apprehension and anxiety. While it can be a bit disconcerting to have…